Darian Mederos was born in Santa Clara, Cuba in 1992.

Graduated in 2012 from San Alejandro art school in Havana.

From a young age, his passion for the human figures and the study of Masters like Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and Diego Velazquez, brought him to explore the ubiquitous human features. 

In 2014, after many challenges, Mederos moved to Miami, Florida, USA, where he currently resides.

He began by portrait painting and soon developed his own style of hyper-realistic art.


Looking through something is one of the many obsessions  that every artist has; Using an obstacle makes the vision 

more intriguing and less obvious: that's why Mederos has created a series of works that use bubble wrap over his subjects to obscure their form and features.

With the contrast between the detailed hyperrealism and the visual approximation of the "blurred" that hides under the plastic bubbles, he asks us to grasp the true essence of things, without them manifesting themselves openly before us.

At times, he may deform his artwork's facial features, but he never alters the face's natural shape.

Darian is relentless in his pursuit of perfection, though he knows perfection is an impossibility.

With the "Obscura Series," Mederos creates a photorealistic abstraction. The bubble wrap reflects light and distorts the underlying image; it is only at a distance that the works come into focus. 
When viewed up close, the artwork dissolved into bold strokes of flesh tones and painted light.
Darian challenges the viewer, asking us to understand the core of human identity, from a respectful distance.

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